Dividend Reinvestment Scheme

The Board is pleased to announce the launch of a Dividend Reinvestment Scheme to provide Shareholders with the opportunity to elect to reinvest their dividends by subscribing for new shares in the Company (Scheme). The Scheme provides for dividends to be reinvested for new shares at the latest published Net Asset Value (“NAV”) per share prior to the allotment (adjusted to take into account the relevant dividend to be paid unless the latest published NAV already reflects the dividend to be paid).

The Scheme is operated by The City Partnership (UK) Limited (Scheme Administrator). The terms and conditions of the Scheme can be downloaded here and the election form here or from the Scheme Administrator’s website (https://unicorn-aim.cityhub.uk.com/).  In the event of any query the Scheme Administrators can be contacted on 01484 240 910.

The next dividend payment, to be proposed as the AGM on 4 February 2021, will be for a Final dividend of 3.5 pence per share i to be paid on 11 February 2020.  Any Shareholders wishing to join the Dividend Reinvestment Scheme for this dividend payment should ensure they have joined the Scheme before 22 January 2021..