Current Fundraising


On 29 January 2019 the Company announced that it had launched an offer to raise up to £15 million (with an over-allotment facility for up to a further £10 million) through the subscription of up to a maximum of 25 million ordinary shares of 1p each (“the Offer"). Full details of the Offer are contained in a prospectus (“the Prospectus"), available here, and application form here.

The Offer opens 29 January 2019 and will close at 5.30 p.m. on 4 April 2019 (or, if earlier, as soon as the Offer is fully subscribed or otherwise at the Board’s discretion).

Existing Shareholder Incentive – until 1 March 2019

The Offer allows Unicorn Asset Management (“Unicorn AM”), the investment manager of the Company and the promoter to the Offer, to waive any part of its promotion fee in respect of any specific investor or group of investors, for example, existing Shareholders, for the benefit of such investors. Unicorn AM has agreed to offer existing shareholders a loyalty fee discount of 0.5% for subscriptions received before 1 March 2019 (unless the Offer is fully subscribed earlier or the Offer is otherwise closed at the Board’s discretion).

For further information, please contact:

Investment Manager to the Company
Unicorn Asset Management Limited
Chris Hutchinson
Telephone: 020 7253 0889

Distributor to the Offer
LGBR Capital LLP
Luke Reeves
Telephone: 020 7071 3940